The home in Mississauga

On the left was my house in Mississauga,Ontario.

Taken Aug 2006 with my camera-on-a-stick. That's how the camera is 25ft above the ground.

More on my stickcam.

June 2000

A few years ago A couple of pictures of the"wains"
Here are a couple of pictures of me on a visit to Buffalo NY during the big storm of 2000(November)

Bob, why are you getting into the wrong side of the car?

I will have to follow a snow plow
image: nimrod.jpg
This is a Royal Air Force Nimrod. I spent six years working on those aircraft in the north of Scotland (and around the world). They have gone through several upgrades since I set foot in one. For example, the inflight refueling probe was added (in a rush)for the Falklands war.
All of my past vehicles

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