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Welcome to My Website

Hello and welcome to my web-site. I am Bob Chassels.  In the past I had lots to say; now, less so.

I do have some good and useful links below or; you may be interested in my consulting services or; the zannieness of The Flying Saucer Salesman.  Whatever...

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Bob Chassels


Although semi-retired, I am still willing and able to offer consulting services.

My software experience ranges from Unix System Administration to developing a specialized billing system and most things between.

As an engineer I have Installed and integrated aircraft simulators at customer sites and worked with aircraft manufactures to develop wind sheer models and effective responses. I designed and installed a VHF radio system on a Canadian Forces training aircraft.

Although usually gainfully employed, I am available for contract work in the Toronto area, or world wide - if required. I have a Canadian and a European passport.

My registered engineering status  (I.ENG - UK) has now expired. The good news is that I did not lose my knowledge with that status:-).So I can still offer a structured method to trouble-shooting and an appreciation of business problems along with strong analytical problem solving ability.

Here are some unix/linux scripts which might be useful.

Free backup tip: Backup your voice-mail system.

Robert Chassels Consulting. Serving Mississauga and surounding areas of Ontario, Canada .

Bob's Blog

Canadian Politics

Wow, we are in bad shape here in Canada.

Firstly, Quebec is playing a different game than the rest of the country. Quebec is more concerned with sovereignty, identity, cultural independence; while The Rest Of Canada (TROC) is concerned (in the most part) with political ideology to drive, or drag, us forward. So, at federal election time, Quebec with 25% of the country's population is smothering the outcome of those Canadian elections. It is no wonder our politics is in a mess. Well, we are still rated one of the best countries to live in; not bad - Eh.

Self serving???

It is extremely frustrating to see our politicians consistently looking out for their own good before the country's good.

There is a general frustration and growing distrust with our politicians. I do not have a solution. When it is all said and done, we vote these people into power. Sometime the choices are poor, but we must expect more from our elected representatives. Keep hoping......

Traffic Cameras

At intersections.... no problem. Running a red light is unquestionably a dangerous activity. It would be nice to "get" the driver, but getting the car owner will not cause me much loss of sleep. Although, there has been some suggestions that authorities are reducing the amber time to catch drivers who use the amber light correctly. Beware the tax grab...

On the Highway... On an open road with good visibility - assuming the car and driver are capable -, then it is just a frustrating cash grab. Certainly dangerous driving should be apprehended. Otherwise, let the vehicles and occupants get to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights that are sequenced according to public pressure (several families pressuring a local politician) to divert traffic for convenience - not for overall traffic flow. See Canadian politics about self serving politicians.

Emergency Vehicles

Why do people get stupid when they see or hear a fire-truck or ambulance with flashing lights and sirens? The law says we should pull over to the side of the road and stop. So the law is stupid. People hauling over and stopping while distracting lights/sounds are evident must be the cause of many fender-benders. The law dates nearly 100 years when there were no dual-carriageway roads; so it made sense then. Now, the law should simplified to "GET OUT OF THE WAY AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY".

Tow trucks with very distracting flashing lights while "whipping" along at (usually greater than) highway speeds - unnecessarily distracting and dangerous.


Thirty years ago, it was reported that satellites could read newspapers over the shoulders of Moscowvites in Red Square. Ok, so they were highly focused. What we need now are satellites that can monitor everything - or at least in cities. So your car get stolen; Log on to the website with the time and coordinates and watch the car being moved..... We could rid the world of car thieves instantly. A child goes missing from a playground... A bank, or store, gets robbed.... A home invasion.... Terrorist attacks (unfortunately, after the event).We can bypass the privacy issue by making all the data public domain; Everybody has access to the data - not just governments. We may have to redefine the word "Public" - but not much.

School Busses

I know our children are our future, and we have to protect them - from themselves and others. So we have ridiculously strict rules around school buses (Here in N. America anyway) whereby all traffic goes into contortions around an active school buses. If the same children are getting off public transport, or are playing at a roadside; then just being a good, considerate driver will (and does) suffice. I know North Americans cannot contemplate an alternative, and it would be political suicide, but teaching children road safety from the earliest age and/or having designated "crossing guardians" would help. Accidents will, and do, happen. Often because of inattentive drivers. I suspect accidents are CAUSED by other drivers screeching to a halt when they see a school bus disembark.And, what about those same buses having to stop at railway crossings??? In rural areas; Okay, it makes sense, but on urbane areas with with controlled crossings!!! Anyway, all major Railway lines and roads in urbane areas should have a bridge or underpass.